Where it all began

Well, in the shower of course...

If your are like me, the shower is a place where you can clear your head, focus on your plans and goals for the day, and sometimes have your best ideas.  Tribal Sugar spawned from the idea that a hot shower, beautiful soft skin, and a positive attitude can make a big difference in the way you feel each day.


I live in a very dry climate in Utah, and my skin was always dry and flakey until I started making and using this sugar scrub. Once I discovered how much I loved this body polish with prickly pear cactus seed oil, I started  giving it to all of my friends.  Several years later, shortly after a dear friend's father passed away, I wanted to find a way to cheer her up, and the idea for Tibal Sugar was born.  These sugar scrubs area fun way to say "you can do it" to yourself or anyone that is a part of your tribe.  

Tribal Sugar body polishes are made with only the finest oils, coconut, sweet almond, and prickly pear cactus oils.  These three oils have incredible moisturizing properties.Prickly pear cactus seed oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E, the most vitamin E of any beauty oil on the market. It also contains the highest percentage of essential fatty acids, making it an incredibly powerful oil for skin health. Vitamin E increases cell renewal, and essential fatty acids sooth even the driest of skin by helping the oil absorb into skin with out clogging pores. 

All of our whipped sugar scrubs will make your skin incredibly soft and smooth, but will also encourage you to be your best self every day. 

So choose your vibe, and join the tribe!   Shower. Sugar. Shine.