Re-Ignited and It Feels So Good

One of the most common questions I get asked is "How did you get started with Tribal Sugar?" Well, its a long story actually, but the short version comes down to two words... Intention and Prickly Pear Cactus Oil. Ok, that was 5 words, but you get my point.

Intention is a word that we hear a lot these days, and it has almost become one of those cliche catch- phrase kind of words that either excite you or make you want to throw up, depending on your mood. Intention to me, however, is more than just a word people use to align them self with the self-help gurus of the world to sell bumper stickers and water bottles. Intention for me has become straight-up medicine. It has become the vehicle to learn to practice speaking to myself in ways that help me instead of hinder me. Now, don't get me wrong, and please notice that I used the word PRACTICE in that sentence. I am definitely not a pro yet, but I am working on that. Intention has become a way of life for me, and starting a business was a HUGE part of that journey. It was risky, and fun, and most importantly, it was what something I wanted to try. Now I do things that I want to do. I climb mountains (albeit ever so slowly), I run races, I write blog posts, and I even post unedited pictures of myself on social media platforms. Yep. Im that girl. Most of it feels pretty good, and all of it makes me feel alive.

Before I started Tribal Sugar, I worked as a Maternal Fetal Medicine Diagnostic Medical Sonographer for 20 years. Say that 10 times fast. I dare you. It was a good job. A safe job. But it became completely unfulfilling to me. I am not even sure why, except that I think it may have been because it was a job I chose in my 20's to play it safe. When I discovered that playing it safe was not really my jam anymore, I had to shed my old life, and all that came with it. So, I hung up my scrubs and took the jump. This past year I have been discovering the real jump as I have moved Tribal Sugar into new levels of risk and reward. It has not been easy, and I have had many days where I wanted to slide back into playing it safe, but the word INTENTION has helped me fight that urge, and I want to share that with people. That is why I created the Tribal Sugar Come Sit At My Table Workshop Series.

I have a space that is big enough to use for workshops, but small enough to feel safe, and I am going to use it for all sorts of crazy things. I want to invite 10 people to sit at my table each month and learn something about themselves and about intentional living. It may be through discussions, meditation, art classes, learning to identify birds, or even learning to yodel. I don't know yet, but I do know that once or twice a month, there will be people sitting at that table learning that life is full of joy and discovery if you decide to stop playing it safe, and start living. So come and join us, and if you have something you want to learn, or even better, if you have something you want to teach, call me up. I am going to let this table work its magic, and I know that it is going to be a crazy-fun ride.

We make a fabulous product, its true, and I promise you that if you try it, you will love it and you might not even be able to live with out it anymore, but it is way more than Body Polish for me. Tribal Sugar is much more than just a way to transform dry skin, it represents risk taking, intention setting, and learning to be comfortable in you own skin. That is why each jar has a VIBE, or word on the front of it, and an intentional affirmation on the back. When you give this gift of intention to yourself, or your friend, or your sister, or your husband, or anyone else, it will definitely change their skin, and they will probably find themselves wanting to take an oddly increased number of showers every day, but hopefully it will also be a reminder that they can be intentional and they can choose how their day (and their life) will go. They get to decide to be FEARLESS or RESILIENT or BOLD .... or maybe even RECKLESS. I know, I know, you all love it because of the way it makes your skin feel, but that is just the beginning of our mission here are Tribal Sugar, so get ready, because we are living intentionally around here in 2022, and it is going to be good.

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