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Uncertainly Certain

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

"You don't have to figure it all out at once." That's what our CALM Body Butter label says, and it's a theme that seems to be popping up everywhere in my life. I find when that happens that I better start paying attention.

2019 was a year of a LOT of change and growth for me. Sometimes I feel like there are hands on my back pushing me forward to new and wonderful, empowering and challenging things. I often feel as though I am excitedly and willingly running as fast as I can to keep up, while simultaneously struggling with exhaustion, confusion, and feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Anyone else feel like the more you know and learn... the more there is to know and learn?

As my family grows and ages, something I seem constantly obsessed with for all of us collectively, and individually, is BALANCE. Setting my sights on a new year, I have again felt compelled to practice more BALANCE and incorporate it as my "Vibe of the Year." Putting this principle into practice I would set firm priorities, eliminate busy-ness, and once and for all find answers to the pressing questions of family life:

Am I fulfilling my life's purpose?

What even IS my life's purpose?

Am I spending my preciously fleeting time on the things, and in the way I should?

And of course... am I helping my children do the same?

Simple Right???

But here is the craziest revelation I JUST stumbled on: The closer I get to finding that elusive balance, those beautiful moments where I can actually FEEL it... guess what I am not thinking about? That's right. What I AM experiencing right then is an enormous sense of stillness, grounding, and my full-presence. In other words, CALMNESS. Nothing is suddenly clear, or certain, but I am wholeheartedly giving myself to that experience.

Learning to embrace the uncertainty swirling around us and allowing ourselves to feel, relax, and immerse in the gift of our lives is a game changer. I firmly believe we DON'T have to figure it all out at once. My ah-ha moment to kick of 2020 is that for me personally, CALM AND STILLNESS are actually prerequisites to balance. If you want to figure anything out at all, the first step might just be to slow down long enough to hear (or feel) the answer. I still need balance as much as ever. But for now, you will find me "polishing" up on getting CALM.

Now "HOW" exactly to do this? That's just going to have to be continued.

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